What to pack

Travelling to different countries, during different times of the year and for different amounts of time obviously has different packing requirements. However there are a few essentials…

Everywhere essentials 

  • underwear & socks – pack enough to last you a week and then you can wash as you go
  • passport – if going overseas
  • other form of ID – for taking on nights out (check that this is accepted as not all countries accept a driving licence as valid ID)
  • currency and cash/credit card
  • phone & charger
  • camera & charger
  • power pack & charger & relevant connecting cables
  • wash bag – deodorant, facial wipes/ wash, shower gel/ soap, shampoo & conditioner, razor and tweezers
  • flip flops – for both sunny climates and questions showers and swimming pools
  • first aid kit – painkillers, plastics, safety pins, bandages, rehydration tablets/ sachets

No matter which country I’m off to, these are my travel essentials which always have a place in my suitcase or carryon bag.