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Bali, beginning in Ubud

We began our Bali adventures in the cultural heart of the country; Ubud. Ubud 1.5 hours after leaving Denpasar airport we arrived in Ubud just as the sun was setting. Although there are lots of taxis waiting at the airport, we'd prebooked a driver for 300,000 rupiah to make the start of our journey as easy… Continue reading Bali, beginning in Ubud

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Santa Cruz – the Chilean land of grapes

We took the bus to Santa Cruz from Santiago this morning for 4,000 pesos (£4). As the town was only a few hours away we left our large rucksacks in Santiago, opting to travel light as we made left the big city in search of the vineyards of central valley. Travel Our bus to Santa… Continue reading Santa Cruz – the Chilean land of grapes

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Santiago, Chile

We took the cheapest bus from Chiloe to Santiago (£16), leaving at 6pm the bus arrived in Santiago's main bus terminal 17 hours later. After travelling throughout the night we arrived exhausted at 10am - the bus wasn't exactly cheap and cheerful, more like cheap and cramped, but it did the job of delivering us… Continue reading Santiago, Chile

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Running with the Tribe

I tried my hand at group running Tuesday evening and I can't believe it's taken me this long!  What is the Tribe? The Tribe is a relatively new nutrition company (it only launched in June this year) specialising in food for runners - raw and vegan! As part of this running focus they run (pardon the… Continue reading Running with the Tribe

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The Yungang Grottoes

The main reason why we came to Datong was to visit the Yungang Buddhist Grottoes and they've been one of my favorite attractions so far in China! After a little hick-up getting to the caves - Lonely planet told us to ride our first bus to the bus terminal (we took this to mean the end… Continue reading The Yungang Grottoes

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Datong: Soft sleeper, the Nine Dragon Mural and a chocolate focused river trek

We hadn't noticed much pollution on our travels through China so far but it seems like it was all waiting for us in Datong... The simple luxuries in life: a 7 hour soft sleeper  It's crazy how excited we were to be having a soft sleeper for our overnight journey to Datong. The 16 hour… Continue reading Datong: Soft sleeper, the Nine Dragon Mural and a chocolate focused river trek

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Fitness is a universal language 

If all days could be like today I would be one very happy girl!  I'm I started off by going for a 7am run to one of the parks that we found last night. After running for about 15minutes I stumbled upon a sign for an outdoor fitness centre so went to see what it… Continue reading Fitness is a universal language