Om Yoga Show London

It was the Om Yoga Show London’s tenth anniversary this weekend and they had a royal celebration by moving the event to Alexandra Palace…


The show lasted Friday through to Sunday and all visitors had the opportunity to try out the various free 30 minute workshops that were running throughout the day. Each workshop had a different focus and no matter if you were a complete beginner or massive yogis there were lots of classes to cater for different levels- most classes actually catered for all levels, the instructors helping everyone advance in their own way.Another option was to book a complete yoga class at a fee – rather than the workshops which acted as more of a taster to the practice.

Once you’d well and truly tired yourself out from all of the free yoga classes, the day was not over. There were classes on meditation and mindfulness run throughout the whole weekend as well as lots of stands selling yoga apparel that were well worth a browse.

After working up a sweat both on and off of the yoga mat the food and drinks stalls kept everyone fully fueled throughout the day!

My thoughts

I didn’t know the way from Alexandra Palace rail station to the venue but saw lots of women in brightly coloured yoga pants walking up a big hill so took a leap of faith and followed them to the top. I underestimated the growing popularity of Yoga in London so was a little surprised by the queue when I got to Alexandra Palace at 11.15am. Last year I walked straight into the venue without queuing but instead this year I had to queue for half an hour (missing one of the workshops that i’d planned on visiting- Yoga for a stronger Core with Tara Lee).


There were lots of different types of yoga on offer at the show; hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, bikram etc. and each had a demonstration as well as various companies setting up stands for the whole weekend. Most stands offered an explanation of what differentiates their classes from the similar yoga styles, as well as discounted or free classes at their respective centres. I tried out a few different vinyasa classes as well as the one’s targeting core strength and arm balances (my favourite of the whole day was Abi Mills ‘Be Fearless and Fly’ class).

Meditation and mindfullness sessions 

I unfortunately didn’t attend any of these sessions this year (I had planned to visit a few of these workshops on Sunday but had other commitments) but they seemed pretty busy when I passed them throughout the day. I hadn’t really thought much about meditation and mindfulness before attending a few sessions last year and I found that they did actually really help. It might be a bit odd of a link but the practice has actually helped me appreciate travelling a lot more, especially during long commutes. Instead of getting impatient about reaching the destination I appreciate the journey, even simple things such as how the views from a coach window change whilst travelling from one town to the next in China.

Food and drink 

The food and drink options at the Om Yoga Show never fails to disappoint. I wanted to fit in as many classes as possible so unfortunately didn’t schedule much time for lunch. Instead I opted for a Power Boost Juice in between classes as well as grazing on lots of delicious free samples provided by the stalls. The majority of food and drinks stalls are Vegan friendly so I was inundated with lots of yummy snacks to try – my favorites being the Pulsin bars (especially the raspberry and goji berry raw chocolate brownie), Nakd wholefoods (which I eat almost daily), Conscious Chocolate and Ombar Chocolate (making sure that no vegans ever miss chocolate) and Biona Organic Rye Bread (where I sampled lots of different nut spreads on various types of Rye and bought myself the Chia and Flax seed type!)

There were also lots of stalls serving lunch and hot food which looked quite tempting like the Buddha bowls van by Wholefood Heaven. The queue was huge every time that I passed by!


I love the bright leggings that most people were sporting at the Yoga Show this year (myself included). I had to appreciate the clothing from afar this year encase I was tempted to buy anything – a very hard thing to do when you see the stalls! I couldn’t justify buying new leggings and tops to leave sitting in my bedroom until I get back from travelling – I don’t think i’ll be needing them in South East Asia or South America….

The Om Yoga Show has continued to get better year on year and it’s clear that the practices are becoming ever more popular! I’ll hopefully be back in the UK for it next year!

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