Running with the Tribe

I tried my hand at group running Tuesday evening and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long! 

What is the Tribe?

The Tribe is a relatively new nutrition company (it only launched in June this year) specialising in food for runners – raw and vegan! As part of this running focus they run (pardon the pun) weekly running sessions throughout London. I only found out about these on Instagram a few weeks ago, and by stumbling upon their Facebook page last week I thought that i’d give one of their group runs a go.They were meeting at the Sweaty Betty store in Canary Wharf at 6.30pm on Tuesday and would be running 8km along the river.

I was a little nervous before I went because I wasn’t sure of the standard of the other runners. Would they all be really speedy and I’d be lagging behind at the back? Would they be really slow and I’d feel like it was a wasted evening…?

Luckily neither of these things happened!

I got to the Sweaty Betty store a little early (I was the first one) and spoke to the shop assistants for a little while before the rest of the Tribe got there. We were given a 10% discount for anything in store that evening but I had tactically left my debit card at home encase I was tempted (a wise decision from me because their clothes are so nice!). I also signed up to the Sweaty Betty membership because they do group fitness sessions from their store too; a run on Monday evenings which is more of a speed session, as well as Yoga or Pilates at the weekend (all are free!).

The Tribe group gathered in store one by one and everyone was really friendly! After getting to know everyone a little, we stored our bags in the store cupboard, took a group photo outside of the store and then set off for our run. We ran together as a group but most people split into smaller groups, one at the front running for the faster runners, one in the middle for the slower runners and one group at the back.

The views were amazing as we ran along the river in darkness! All of the buildings were lit up beautifully at night time and the pace was great because you could chose how fast you wanted to go. Everyone was running at their conversation pace so we were able to get to know a lot of the runners. We were a pretty diverse bunch, some older, some younger and most in completely different careers (or unemployed like me). I also met a fellow vegan, an ultra runner, NRC (Nike Run Club) enthusiasts, and also lots of people who were interested in yoga.

Not only were we working out and seeing the sites but we were also learning from each other along the way; about nutrition, pacing tips, different fitness classes to try in London. It was great!

Talking on the run, as well as darkness and empty streets really made the run flyby and by the time we’d worked up a sweat we’d finished the 8km route!

When we got back to the Sweaty Betty store we had quick stretch whilst we waited for the rest of the group to catch up and then it was time to refuel. Sweaty Betty provided us with lemon and mint water as well as Vitacoco and Tribe snacks provided by the Tribe Way. I’m a big fan of flavoured water and Vitacoco already so it was nice trying some new snacks after the run. There were a few Tribe bars provided so I tried Sour Cherry and Buckwheat Bar which was really good!

tribe 1

Here’s a link to the site if you want to check them out:

I’m hoping to make another Tribe Run before I head off to Vietnam next week! What more does a girl want? A nice workout and free, nutritious food?!


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