The 1Rebel launch – A new way to get smashed in the city…

Last week whilst at the gym I received an email inviting me to attend the launch of the new 1Rebel club in Broadgate Circle, London.

 I was asked to chose between the ‘Reshape’or ‘Rumble’ class followed by cocktails, smoothies and treats in their underground bar. Needless to say I hit reply straight away and booked myself onto the Rumble session!

1Rebel club launch event 

The entrance to 1Rebel’s underground club in Broadgate Circle is a little hard to find. After walking around the area for a little while, I spotted a girl in workout clothes looking as lost as I was and together we managed to find the entrance underneath the main tunnel from Liverpool street station.

Once we entered through the main doors we walked down the metal steps to the underground club and were met by a large group of people standing around in workout clothes talking.There was a check in desk to our left – where we gave our name in return for boxing gloves and wraps (for the Rumble session)- and to our right was a bar lined with champagne glasses as well as the entrance to the girls changing rooms.

The club is designed in a underground boutique fashion; the walls are bare brick and the lights are low, but the changing rooms are brightly lit and would not be out of place in an upmarket hotel. The layout is great because you can get hot and sweaty in the club and then freshen up in a nice space before you re-engage with the outside world.

Let’s get ready to rumble…. 

The rumble class focused on a mixture between boxing, MMA and HIIT and from the get-go everyone in the class was sweating. Luckily the lights were lowered as soon as the music and workout started so the struggle on everyone’s faces were hidden.

Our instructor for the class was a sweet looking little blonde lady called Esmee – ‘known to make grown men cry’- and she definitely kept us motivated throughout the whole class. After completing bag workouts, learning combo-moves and crunching our abs to oblivion, the music stopped and the lights were turned up after 45minutes.

Recovery at the bar

We were treated to bottomless glasses of cocktails and champagne at the bar, as well as cold press juices provided by Bfresh, and food provided by We Grill to help our muscles recover from the beasting that they’d just received.

After chatting with lots of amazing ladies, swapping Instagram handles and recouping all of the calories that I spent during #Rumble, I headed home. The whole evening was great fun and I would definitely recommend everyone give the Rumble session a try -I’m looking to try the Reshape class next….

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