The Yungang Grottoes

The main reason why we came to Datong was to visit the Yungang Buddhist Grottoes and they’ve been one of my favorite attractions so far in China!

After a little hick-up getting to the caves – Lonely planet told us to ride our first bus to the bus terminal (we took this to mean the end of the bus route…it didn’t) so we ended up riding around in a circle for a little while… but we finally got there!

Due to it being a public holiday in China this weekend (the end of World War Two),the entrance to the site was deserted, bar a few other tourists.

The Grottoes themselves consist of over 50,ooo statues/carvings set out across 252 caves and they would take years to fully explore. Unfortunately we only had one day but they held our interest throughout!

The colour maintained throughout the caves was phenomenal. In all of the other Buddhist caves, statues and grottoes that we’ve visited, the sites have been extremely weathered away but the statues at Yungang Grottoes have been really well maintained.

The magnitude and intricacy of each of the carvings really is impressive.

I was only able to appreciate it for the architectural element but I’m sure those with a better understanding of Buddhism would find it even more breathtaking.


matching hairstyles….


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