When it rains we watch movies…

The main reason for us coming to Luoyang was to visit the Longmen Buddhist caves nearby but because it was Sunday we didn’t want it to be crowded with weekend tourists so decided to go the day after. 

Instead, we had another lazy morning and walked to a pagoda we passed on the bus the day before. We weren’t actually sure what the point of the pagoda was when we paid the admission (¥60- student discount price) but it looked really interesting from the outside. 

There was so much going on in the site- it’s just a shame we couldn’t understand much of it because the English translations were few and far between! 
There are two main buildings; a museum and a pagoda- to enter both you had to wear little covers over your shoes… 

We walked around the museum first and it was filled with families using the interactive history games dotted around the rooms. There were lots of mannequins and figurines depicting historical scenes as well as artefacts enclosed between glass panels of different eras. The top floor of the museum was beautifully created with golden plated walls and impressive chandeliers. 

The bottom floor of the pagoda was just as grand as the top of the museum. It has a huge mosaic spanning the total width of the back wall as well as mosaics on the ceiling also. 

Each floor of the pagoda features a different exhibit, mainly focusing on different aspects of Buddhism and even had a whole floor devoted to meditation! On the top floor of the pagoda is the viewing platform which offers a good view of the grounds and the surrounding area. 

We went walked back to our hostel and ate lunch from the restaurant below. When we passed by last night it looked really busy so we were looking forward to seeing what type of food they sold. By looking around the seating area it looked like the restaurant specialised in noodles so leah ordered the meat version and I ordered the vegetable version (well what we thought we were ordering)… Instead Leah ended up with a whole plate of beef and I ended up with a whole plate of vegetables (mine ended up pretty good actually). 

Leah ended up ordering the noodles extra with came with even more beef on! 
There wasn’t really much else to do in the town and the weather was looking pretty stormy so we decided to have a movie night (our first in China so far). 
We downloaded ‘Putin’ off of the istore and popped to the supermarket to buy some movie snacks; toffee popcorn, mango and orange Oreos, watermelon sweets and 100% dark chocolate with nuts (for me) and Milk chocolate with nuts (for Leah). Once back we set up our movie station (using our duvets and pillows) and made ourselves comfy. 

We thought that we were going to be watching a fictional movie on Putin and Russia but instead it was a documentary… Lucky we both like that kind of thing! 

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