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Saturday night in Chengdu: Jellyfish 

We massively regret saying that the English boys could share our dorm last night! We were woken up between 4 and 5am as they staggered into our room individually or in pairs. One was chundering (in the shared bathroom) for a good half an hour and struggled to get onto his bed! Needless to say we didn’t get much sleep afterwards! 

We’d planned to go to the supermarket this morning to buy our snacks for our train to Chengdu so I went for a quick run around the block. I love the supermarkets here. There’s so much new food for us to try! Today we bought melon, chilli peanuts, seaweed crackers and dried kiwi (they all tasted really good!) 


After the supermarket we checked out of the hostel, saying goodbye to the cute little dog and the hostel owner. 

  We had luckily given ourselves quite a lot of time to get to the train station because we had to unexpectabtky get on a shuttle bus for 20minutes to reach our platform! We only really had enough time to buy a bottle of water before we were being called to check in so it was a good thing that we’d bought snacks before hand as we were travelling over lunch. 

After disembarking the train we followed the really good directions given by our hostel on (flip flop hostel) and was unpacked and out the door again within the hour. We noticed that there was quite a lot of westerners in the common area- more than we’d seen since leaving England- so was looking forward to hearing some good travellers stories. 

We walked around the town a little and noticed that there were lots of shopping centres… There literally seemed to be one or two down every street that we turned. We went to one where every floor focused on a different item of clothing; trainers, tshirts, dresses etc. there was even a teddy bear cafe full of teddy bears! 
On the streets surrounding the shopping centres there were lots of high-end designer shops (Rolex, Prada, Dior, Omega etc) next to bargain shops selling tshirts for ¥5! Because it was a Saturday all the streets were really busy but the more high-end shops didn’t seem to have many customers. It’s as if the aspiration of expensive cliental is there but not the actual customers… 


Back on the Main Street there were lots of stands giving things away like bottles of water and energy drinks, as well as an obstacle course set up for children which looked really fun – I wanted to have a go. There uhwas also an Octoberfest stand selling beers and photos with ‘German barmaids’- even though it’s August. The whole set up was really odd but seemed to work as the streets were rammed! 

After walking the streets we were hungry for dinner so headed to the food court at the top of a shopping centre that we were in earlier. There wasn’t that great a variety of restaurants to chose from and one that we tried to go in (a noodles restaurant) didn’t have a single dish that could be made without meat in – I asked the waitress and she just laughed and said no. 

We went to restaurant outside instead that was really busy and ordered a few dishes to share. We went for our trusted aubergine, peanut stir fry for me and Kung poh chicken for Leah, along with some rice. 

Saturday evening 

We got back to the hostel and bought a bottle of beer to share whilst we decided what to do with our Saturday evening. We got chatting to a German couple who were just in town for the night and wanted to do something fun in the evening as well so we told them about a bar we had heard was meant to be good… Jellyfish. They wanted to come so we planned to meet back in the common room after they’d got back from dinner.

 In the mean time leah and I played a few games of pool and tried a beer the German couple recommended – dark beer Lao… It was grim! It was really strong compared to the other beer we’d been drinking (6%) and tasted stale. We only managed to finish our bottles by using the alcohol as a forfeit when the other person potted in a ball. 
After meeting again around 10pm we all had another beer and then got a taxi to the bar. 

As soon as we arrived at JellyFish we were each given a free shot by two white girls in huge heels standing at the door. The club looked really good so Leah went to the bar to order us drinks and came back with two huge pints of beer! 
They were so heavy and full that I only managed to drink half of mine before I gave up and gave it to Andy and Cora (our German friends) to finish off. In the mean time we were give more free shots from the bar owner, dj, promoter and one of the other bar staff…

We literally had the funniest night! The music was ideal- a mixture between old school rnb, hip hop, dance, cheesy classics and odd foreign music mixed in. Everyone looked like they were having so much fun and no one was taking themselves too seriously. Andy somehow managed to keep starting dance-offs wherever we stood so we all ended up in the middle dancing with random Chinese people! We were all dancing on the podiums and the main stage alongside three Canadian English teachers from Shanghai, a South African, a girl from Israel and lots of Chinese. There was such a good mix of people in the bar! 


By 2.30am we were hot, sweaty and tired so took a taxi back to the hostel for bed. I think what made the night so much fun was that we didn’t have any expectations of what the night had instore for us! 


17 thoughts on “Saturday night in Chengdu: Jellyfish ”

      1. Yeah I guess so, the cities pretty big! We weren’t bored there at all! Chongqing’s pretty near by too which might be a good place to visit at the weekend and there’s also a place called Songpan (8 hours away on the train) which I went to for a few days which is very Tibetan – really interesting place! The weather wasn’t too hot or humid compared to Shanghai and Hubei but I guess it depends where you’re coming from and what time of year?


      2. March to July so I guess we’ll see a change, 8 hours on a train?! Wow. I see you’re vegan too, I’m (merely) a veggie, I’m expecting a real struggle out there!


      3. Ah that should be quite a nice time to come to China I think – the weather should be a little cooler when you get here so you’ll adjust to the hot weather. My first stop was Shanghai in July and I was not prepared for the humidity or heat at all! I’m working on being as vegan as possible whilst in China, you just have to try your best when ordering food to say that you don’t want meat but they sometimes sneak meat into your meals (this has happened a lot lately) which I’ve just been lock-in out. If you’re staying in Chengdu for a while though I’m sure you’ll find some good veggie places to try 🙂


      4. Ah annoying! I don’t want to pick around meat, the first thing I’m gonna learn is how to say vegetarian. I was so worried about the humidity I was actually considering investing in a sarong/skirt to keep cool!


      5. Yeah picking out the meat is not ideal! Some places don’t actually know what vegan/ vegetarian is so you might have to learn saying that you don’t eat the individual meats (just something I’ve found). I just try to order plates of vegetables and rice in restaurants – usually the cheapest thing on the menu also which is great! Don’t worry about the humidity, you’ll adjust pretty quickly when you arrive!


      6. Makes you appreciate how easy it is being vegetarian in England when you go abroad! I’m backing in Vietnam/Thailand before I teach in China, worried for that trip too! Oh man, no skirt needed then?! That’s just boring haha.


      7. Well I guess a skirts always good to bring if you have one lying around Ha! When are you going to Vietnam/ Thailand? I’m going to both in a few months so I’ll be posting a few blogs as I go 🙂


      8. Haha well I don’t currently have one lying around but I may get my girlfriend to buy me one before we go, I’m not brave enough to buy my own! Would a maxi skirt be cool? Mid-October until mid-December. I’ll stay tuned! How long is your trip and where will you have been by the end of it?


      9. Ah we’ll be in Vietnam throughout October and then in Thailand for December/ January! We’re away for a year so travelling around Asia until the end of January/ early December then working our way down South America from Brazil to Argentina


      10. Wow that’s some trip! Have you been saving forever?! Another question (not skirt related!), how do you get on blocked sites like this from China? An app?


      11. I’m just learning to travel on a very small budget right now ha! It’s a bit of a fluke that I’m able to post on here – I’m using the WordPress app- because I can only post. I can’t open mine or anyone else’s blogs to look at their content. There’s something called a vpn you can download which gives you access to Facebook and other blocked sites but we forgot to get one before we got to China so we’ve just given up social media for a few months. It’s actually nice and refreshing being a bit disconnected!


      12. I’m thinking budgeting for 2 months will be hard, a whole year?! Jesus! I don’t use the WordPress app anymore, perhaps I need to get it again. Ah so you can’t see my top class blog, what a shame!


      13. When you leave your isolation in China! Well thanks for answering my questions, I’ll touch up on my ‘no pork’ and look into topshop’s skirt range!


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