Flip flops and cable cars (Chongqing)

We remembered to buy breakfast the night before so woke up to wonderfully refreshing watermelon and bananas this morning. 

We then headed down to the river front to find a park that we could see on our city map. The route to the park wasn’t very scenic… We left our hostel walking past designer shopping centres and shops, followed by the more run down part of town. So far we’ve noticed in China that there’s large disparities between the rich and the poorer people but everyone is living and working really close to one another. There seems to be a lot of building work going on all of the time, with nice buildings being created when the older buildings are just left behind to crumble… 
By the time we’d reached the river we were starving for lunch and ate in a small restaurant by a taxi rank on the outskirts of town. The food was ok (it was a buffet and there was plenty of food to chose from) we got to sit and eat at the same table with everyone else as they went about their day. 


had to pick the egg out (didn’t realise until it was in my bowl…

After lunch we realised that we’d manage to walk a lot further than we planned and was really close to the coach and train station. We wanted to buy a coach ticket to Dazu for tomorrow so went on a little journey to find it (my flip flop broke on route!). We got the ticket to Dazu so easily from the coach station that it filled us with optimism at buying our train ticket to Chengdu (our next stop the day after Dazu)… 

Train tickets are so much harder to buy than coach tickets! You need a passport to travel by train in China and we didn’t have ours on us so tried to use another form of i.d. It didn’t go very smoothly and we really confused the guy serving us, after 10 minutes we pulled up a photo of our passports on our phones for them to check and promised that we’d take our passports on the journey.

Although we’d managed to walk to the train and coach station we wanted to get the metro back to our hostel but we couldn’t find the entrance… It was ‘hidden’ under a row of shops and was only accessible by riding an escalator for ¥2. It was actually really funny because we didn’t know where the escalator was going when we got on it and paid, we just hoped that it would take us somewhere near the metro entrance!  

We’d done our fair share of walking these past few days so we got the cable car across the river for dinner. We accidentally bought a return ticket but kept it encase we wanted to come home before 10pm when the cable car stopped.

The other side of the river had lots of nice hotels, restaurants and bars along the river front so it was a really nice place to walk around as the sun set. 

After dinner and a few cold beers in the restaurant, we walked along the river some more and chilled at a bar on the front (after stopping to take some photos with a few people).

I don’t know if it’s just a European thing but most English people like their beers iced cold. In this bar we ordered one beer to share so we could have another one without it getting warm but the waiter got really stressed and tried to make us order two (he also tried to get us to buy a set of 12 beers- there’s two of us!) so it put a bit of a damper on the evening. We stayed to finish our beer in the bar when a white guy walked over to the stage and started singing both English and foreign songs – he kept getting the English lyrics wrong so who-knows if the foreign songs were right or not! 

We wanted to get the last cable car back to across the river but still had an hour to kill before then so we popped into the Sheraton hotel on the way back to look around. Hotel hopping is actually really fun! We obviously wouldn’t take up someone’s space in a busy bar but when it’s empty it’s nice to look around and think about a time not too long ago when on family holidays you got to stay in nice accommodation- and not have to use a hole in the ground for a toilet… Oh how luxurious travelling is!
We seriously underestimated how long it would take us to walk to the cable cart and missed the last ride across the river by 1minute (we got there at 10.01pm)! So after attempting to flag down a taxi for a little while (leah and I resorted to standing at opposite ends of the street to try and wave one down) we made it back to our side of the river to the hostel. 

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