Confuciansism and keeping fit in Nanjing, China

Today was our last day in Nanjing so we wanted to see some more of the sites. 
I woke up early to get in a quick run and HIIT before breakfast; finding a nice little 5km route (shame we’re leaving) which lead me right back to the hostel front door and I was able to work out on our terrace/ balcony. The streets were empty this morning but the cleaners at the hostel were up and caught me doing raised press-ups off of the steps… Little embarrassing.

After the run, Leah and I started our day with a visit to the Confucius temple which was only a short walk from our hostel. The temple was pretty busy even at 9.30am. After reading about the history of Confucius and the religion that has stemmed from him, the temple opens up into the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum which was really interesting.

 We also made a cute friend walking around the museum….

We walked to another temple type building that we’d passed everyday (but still don’t know the name of) and it opened up into a massive garden area with ponds and water features! The area was so cute that we can’t believe we almost missed it!

Next up was lunch. We ate in the same place that we had dinner last night and ordered the noodles again, they were so tasty! Some of the same women were working there again today and continued taking photos of us but this time we asked for some back (here’s me with the chef!)

Leah and I both think this is the funny side to the odd paparazzi situation so there should be lots of photos of us with random Chinese people!

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