Today’s the day….

Today’s the day that I head off travelling around the world with nothing more than  a rucksack, some money and one of my best friends….

I’ve been planning this trip for a few years now. Something that I’ve always dreamed and spoken about doing but now I finally get the opportunity to go. I’ve always had a fascination at finding out how the world actually works; how countries enact and relate with one another; differences in culture and societal norms; education; food…. there’s so much I want wait to become a witness too!

So our first stop on our journey is Shanghai, China. We booked our flights back on Christmas eve and these past 7 months have absolutely flown by! This is also the first time that I’ve traveled outside of Europe and I’m actually excited to see what the long-haul flights are like!

Wish us luck and i’ll try to keep you all updated with our fun and antics as much as I can x


(Also I’ll be updating my Instagram account a but more frequently: Samhill1993)

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