Yoga with Jessica Skye

A much needed stretch out after the Nike 10km Race!

This past year I’ve really gotten into my yoga. Up until Christmas I did yoga alone in my room most days using routines from Youtube but once second semester started at Uni I signed up to the LSU Yoga society. The society offered three 90 minute sessions a week led by a yoga instructor and I always tried my best to at least make two of the weekly sessions. Since being at home though I’ve really let my yoga and stretching routine slack and I’m starting to feel the consequences!

Nike offers a free weekly yoga class for girls led by Jessica Skye in Stratford (overlooking the Olympic Park) as part of their NTC classes and I luckily got a place on the class on Monday evening (the day after the 10km run).

Nike Yoga

I’ve never been to the John Lewis viewing platform – where the class was being held- but the view was pretty amazing!

yoga with nike

The yoga class was really good too! Most of the girls attending the class had run the Nike race the day before so we focused mainly on stretching our legs (active recovery). It’s quite hard to comment on a yoga class because a main part of yoga is to remain present in the practice but afterwards I did feel nice and loose!

yoga nike

The signup for this session is very competitive and you have to be lucky to get a place but it’s differently worth a try!

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