The Nike Women’s Race Series – London 10km

Finally the day has come!

nike lone 2

Since March this year, Abi and I have been recruiting girls to be part of #CrewLboro to take on this race with us and by Sunday the 21st our crew was 222 girls strong! Our crew mostly consisted of girls at Loughborough University, Alumni and also friends from around the London area so everyone was pretty excited to be taking on the run together.

Race morning

When my alarm went off at 7am I genuinely didn’t believe that it was time to get up already. The weekends antics had seriously caught up with me and I think that if Abi and I wasn’t leading our crew I would’ve just went back to sleep.

After breakfast and a coffee I was a bit more awake and made my way to Victoria Park (where the race was taking place). I got to the park for 9am – an hour and a half early- because I wanted to gather all of #CrewLboro together for a race day photo but hadn’t anticipated the mammoth amount of girls that would be taking part in the race (10,000) and how it would effect the phone signal.

Part of the park was transformed into a race village which was similar to a festival. There were tents dotted all around the area with a hair braiding salon, silent disco, main stage, food stands, vita coco shed, and champagne bar (naming just a few).Luckily a few of #CrewLboro found each other by the bag drop area and warmed up together. I also managed to borrow some k-tape of one of the girls in an attempt to tape up my shins and relieve some of the pressure.

The race 

When signing up for the race you had to put down your predicted race time and i’m adamant that I put down 47-48minutes but somehow managed to end up in the black band (elite group- aiming for sub 45minutes)! Each colour band started off in a different part of the park to stagger the times, so, after a little panic and laughing with the girls that Abi and I had managed to round up, we all headed off to our respected starting areas.

nike london 7nike london 4

After meeting up with another #CrewLboro girl on route to the start line, we joined in the black and purple (under 50minutes for 10km) group.

Jessica Skye (owner of Fat Buddah Music and Yoga) was on the DJ decs at the start line, providing the music that Joslyn Thompson Rule (Nike NTC master trainer) used to warm everyone up with some NTC moves.Ellie Goulding even popped along to wish everyone luck and say how gutted she was that she couldn’t race with us because she was ill!

And we’re off! 

nike london 3

Like most races, this race went by in a complete blur!

We ran two laps around Victoria Park (a 5km course) with music playing out of speakers, live bands playing along the route and crowds along the barriers to offer continuous support. The day before Nike had invited people along to create signs and banners for the event and these offered some much needed motivation (especially on the second lap!).

With 10,000 girls running together the race was really well organised! On the second lap a new part of the course was opened so that those who were running at the front could push ahead without interfering with the slower runners.

I managed to finish in 47 minutes and 59 seconds so got a pb!

After finishing the course everyone made their way pack to the race village picking up their finishers pack with a bespoke Alex Monroe Nike Women’s London 10km Race necklace, as well as a banana and water to refuel and re-hydrate!

Once reunited, a few of us headed to the pub for some much needed lunch and a glass of wine for some of the girls!

All of #CrewLboro ran really well and hopefully our crew will be bigger and better next year!

nike london 10

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