Running Around the Rock: Day 3 – the final stretch!

We woke up at 7am Thursday morning to a clear sky and the sun was already out. We had another 16km left to run and with the weather channel predicting that Jersey would reach 24 degrees (Celsius) by midday we were determined to complete our Ultra challenge before lunch.

After getting the bus back to St. Helier (where we stopped yesterday), we ran our first 9km at a 6minute 15 seconds pace. After the previous two days running this was too hard to keep up even up a slight hill so after reaching 9km we started to incorporate a walk/ run routine into our the next two km’s of our route. We walked the final 2kms to Gorey castle where we took a few more snaps of the Snaps, had a quick snack and then carried on walking for another 1km. After we reached the 13.5km point of the day, we could see St. Catherine’s breakwater in the distance and wanted to finish our challenge strong so pushed hard to the end (getting down to a 5miniute 5 second km pace for the final 1km).

jersey 17

By the time we reached the breakwater we were well and truly shattered. The past few days really took it out of us both mentally and physically, it taught us to become fully present in our running when we were tiring and that we were physically capable of much more than we expected!

I am well and truly in awe of the people that manage to cover this distance (78km) in a day! Although Charlotte and I didn’t run Round the Rock as a race, it enabled us to fully appreciate and enjoy all aspects of the Island that we passed. We were able to take photos and videos along the route to remember our journey and just stop and enjoy the moment.

We finished our challenge by 11.30am  and then headed to town to meet George and his friends for lunch. They’re all vegetarian so we hit their regular lunch place and ordered a mixture of assorted beans, cous cous, ginder spiced noodles, kale and juices and ate it in the sunshine at a local park.

jersey 14

After a little stretch in the pack Charlotte and I said our goodbyes and headed back to George’s house to stretch some more on the field outside his house. We then had a final meal with his parents – so much salad, humus, bread and potatoes! – and then got ready to leave for our 8pm flight back to Gatwick.

Our stay in Jersey was short and sweet and both Charlotte and I loved every minute of it. We now know that we are capable of running an Ultra distance – granted it was over three days- but it’s boosted our optimism and enthusiasm for our marathon which is now less than a month away! On this trip we learned the importance of properly fueling during a run and how much better our legs feel after a good stretch and a foam roll.

jersey 16

By the end of this trip I had personally run 22km more than I had ever run within a single week and I am confident that I will hit my 100km training goal this week…

You never know what you’re capable of until you give it a try and push yourself out of your comfort zone! 

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