Running around the Rock: Day 2

The morning after the day before…

Charlotte and I both woke up really excited about running the next part of our route. Tuesday night after dinner, George explained to us that we’d actually almost covered half of the Island on our first day  and the way our body was feeling Wednesday morning we knew that we could make it the whole way round!

The weather looked a lot better this morning too so after having some breakfast and coffee, we packed our bags and then headed to the bus station to get back to our final running point from yesterday.

jersey 6

Day 2: Running on tired legs

We started with a 2km walk to wake up our legs a little as the first few km was uphill to get back on the cliff paths from yesterday. The views were even more spectacular today as the sun was out and the temperature wasn’t too hot.

jersey 5Charlotte’s friend is the man behind Snaps Optics (sunglasses) so we found an amazing viewpoint at the top of the cliff paths and had a mini photo shoot for him to use on his website.

jersey 7 jersey 8After trying out some down hill trail running techniques which Charlotte had been sent by Asics the night before we slowed our pace a little again. Wednesday was our middle day and we needed to make sure that our legs would carry us the whole way round!

So, after running a hard 4km we stopped for lunch half way along St. Ouens beach at the Water Splash – a restaurant I’d been too a few times before- right on the beach. After a veggie stack – mushrooms, aubergine, courgettes, tomatoes and salsa in a bun, with curly fries on the side- another black coffee and some more snacks we headed off after an hour and walked the next few kms so we could make a dent in the distance we needed to travel whilst our food digested.

It’s so easy to get lost in the beauty of the Island and good conversation as the next thing we knew we had walked 3km and was already an hour into our run/walk! Luckily we had another 14km to run that day so the 3km walking didn’t delay us too much!

We had to walk along the beach (on the sand) at certain points and run along the sea wall because we got slightly lost, but we made it to Corbiere lighthouse!  The lighthouse is only accessible during low tide as the sea swallows the foot path- luckily we timed it right and were able to put in a good sprint along the almost empty path to the base of the light  house. The way there was down hill so when we had to run back to the main land it was uphill and we were jogging/ crawling up at a snails pace…

jersey 10jersey 9jersey 11

After we made it to the top we ran towards town via the nature path which took us through some woodlands. It was strange because we had covered such a range of terrains in one day; the start was a cliff top path, along the road for a little while, along the sea wall, across the beach on sand, and now we were running through the trees…all I could think about was Born to Run & A Life without Limits!

By the time we hit St. Aubins and we could see our final destination for the day (St.Helier) our legs were barely ticking over. They felt really heavy after thjersey 13e 57km that we had run over the past two days (at this point 56km was the furthest that I had EVER run for a whole week!) but we knew what we had to do…. after a quick stretch we dug deep into our souls and put in a shift for the final 5km and managed to average a 6minute per km pace – a pace which under any other circumstances we would be sad with but were so happy with it today!

After a juice from a beach side cafe (frozen berries, banana and apple juice) we made out wjersey 12ay to the bus station in town to get back to our home for this Ultra Challenge.

We made it back to George’s a little bit earlier tonight (about 6pm) so showered and had another great dinner with George’s parents. After a few hours of conversation, more stretching and foam rolling we headed to bed about 10.30pm to be up bright and early to finish our ultra challenge the following day…. 62.8km down, 16.7km to go!

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