The beginning of unemployed adult life….

I’ve been meaning to start writing a blog for a while and today seemed like the perfect day to write my first post.

I have just finished four years at Loughborough University studying International Relations and moved back home to London/Essex yesterday. On July 20th I will be travelling around the world with one of my best friends and a blog seemed like the perfect way to share my experiences with family, friends, and anyone else who is interested.

I am heavily into fitness as most of my friends know. I’ve done athletics since I was 10 years old but until December 2014 I found anything over 400m a serious struggle. Since partaking in a charity Santa Fun Run (6km) with friends, I’ve been bitten by the long distance running bug and have since completed two half-marathons. I also really enjoy any sport that gets me to push my body to it’s limits. I try to weight-train in the gym, body-weight train in the park and climb whenever I get the chance.

Over the past few months I’ve completed two Obstacle Course Runs (OCR’s)- the Dirty Dozen and the Nuclear Rush and seriously loved them. I’ve got a few fitness challenges coming up soon; running the Jersey Round the Rock ultra race route (over three days- starting tomorrow), a marathon in July, and I’m aiming to run a half-marathon in every country that I visit on my world travels.

I’ve been vegan/plant-based since September 2014 and I’d like to use this blog to show how this lifestyle has enabled me to improve my fitness and health. I’ll be posting about how I plan to eat vegan in all of the countries that I visit and how i’m going to be keeping up my fitness whilst i’m away from home.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂 x

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